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Dark Circle Removal Drops - Views : 10048

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Quick Overview

There are a number of factors that could lead to the causes of dark circles under eyes. Some of the very common causes are fatigue, lack of sleep, some deficiency, aging etc. It is also recommended that creams should not be left on the skin for longer period as it could lead to the formation of these blemishes. There are many other factors apart from the mentioned above that could lead to the development of these unwanted marks.

Following are some of the factors:
1. Heredity: Dark circles are also an inherited trait. The risk of getting these blemishes under the eyes is higher if other members of your family have it. The skin under the eyes is very thin so when blood passes through it, a bluish tint is produced. Depending on the transparency of the skin, the appearance of the circle varies.
2. Allergies, asthma and eczema: Itchiness around the eyes and constant rubbing, scratching of the eyes can also greatly contribute to dark circles. Those suffering from hay fever will, in particular, notice blotch around the eyes when the allergy season is in its peak. Food allergies can also result to the darkening of the areas around the eye.
3. Medications: Certain medications, especially those that widen the blood vessels, can also aggravate the dark circles under eyes. Since the skin under the eye is very delicate, the increase of blood flow around the eyes will appear through the skin thereby darkening the skin.
4. Pregnancy and menstruation: Women usually become pale during pregnancy and menstruation which makes the veins visible through the skin. And this makes the area around the eyes appear darker.
5. Nutrition: Lack of proper diet is another major cause of dark circles under eyes.
6. Exposure to the sun: Exposure to sunlight especially during the summer seasons increases skin pigmentation around the eyes. 

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