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Permanent Hair Removal Oil - Views : 14377

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Quick Overview

Permanent hair Removal Oil

Too often unwanted hair is seen as a taboo and therefore gets concealed by society. Moreover many physicians see unwanted hair only as a cosmetic problem despite the fact that increased growth of unwanted hair can be a significant psychological burden. To remove unwanted hair permanently several different methods are available such as hair removal creams/powders or laser treatments. However most of these creams contain aggressive chemicals such as calcium hydroxide that might remove your hair permanently but also contains a certain risk of burning or eroding your skin, leaving it with lifelong scars. The same goes for Laser treatments that also bare the risks of negative side effects on your skin. As my skin is very sensitive when it comes to heat (laser treatments literarly burn out the roots of your hair follicles) I did not want to take these risks and decided to try an age old herbal home remedy to remove my unwanted hair permanently.

Herbal Permanent Hair Removal

The Herbal permanent hair removal treatment supports your hair to get thinner, softer and finally almost invisible by naturally influencing the growth of your hair. Besides removing your hair permanently your skin will become softer and smoother already.

How to use Oil

Step 1: Remove all your unwanted hair the way you prefer and wash the area thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply the Herbal oil on the shaved area and massage it gently against the direction of the hair growth for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Leave the oil on for some time, preferably overnight (your cells are especially active during your sleep).

Repeat this procedure for the next 3-4 months (not only after removing your hair). Once your hair is not growing back you can stop the treatment and enjoy your hair free skin

100% Herbal Oil

No Preservation Included

100% Result on any part of male and female including private


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