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Premature Grey Hair Relief - Views : 2938

Item #: HH0198
Price: Rs.3500
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Quick Overview

Symptomatic relief from premature grey hairs.   
100% Natural
No Side Effects 
Combo drugs selected by experienced professionals 
A homeopathic & Herbal combination pack with two remedies for the treatment of symptoms associated with premature grey hairs. 
This is a chief remedy for pre-senility hence also useful in premature grey hairs. It is best adapted to persons intellectually keen but physically weak. Lacks vital heat. It is also useful in premature baldness with great falling out of hair. 
Its also useful for debility and nervous exhaustion with grey hairs. Mental debility first and then physical debility. Hair turns grey very early in life and also useful for falling hairs. Hairs thin out. 

Free Delivery all over Pakistan

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